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Mariela y Fernando


Como estas?????????? Que hermoso salió todo, no sabes lo feliz que estuvimos y estamos hasta ahora!!!!!!
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Paloma y Rodrigo

“Mil gracias chicas!!! En serio mil gracias por todo! Aparte del gran trabajo que hacen, son personas espectaculares! 
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Rocío y Jaime

“Hola chicas:

Espero  Uds. también hallan gozado sus vacaciones de 28 de Julio!

Nosotros por acá felices y esperando las 4,000 🙂 fotos que nos tomaron!
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Rox y Ben

Mejores Wedding Planners en todo el mundo!!! Novias locas, impacientes, desesperadas y hasta bridezillas (como yo) son domadas por Vero y Sandra… Ver más

Rubí y César

“Chicas muchas gracias!!!!

La verdad que fue un placer conocerlas, han sido nuestros angelitos cuidadoras, consejeras gracias a Uds hemos disfrutado minuto a minuto la preparación y el matri todo salió perfecto y hermoso!
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Tanja y Jose

“Veronica and Sandra helped us organize our wedding in Cusco, Peru, in July 2017. We can unconditionally recommend them. They are both excellent professionals, responsive and absolutely reliable. If you’re a couple with an international background, Sandra and Veronica will be a great choice (they speak English and German) and have experience with handling an international wedding crowd. 
If you want to get married in Peru, you’ll probably end up saving money by hiring them as your wedding planners, since their knowledge and expertise in getting the right price for the quality you want is very valuable. (This excludes wedding sites outside Lima.)”
Veronica and Sandra are friendly and frank throughout the planning process. Our initial budget estimations were quite unrealistic for what we wanted on our special day and we had very helpful conversations to see what really mattered most to us.
They have great taste and know what details matter to make your wedding set-up look absolutely magnificent. At the same time, they are flexible and creative and adapt to your taste and budget. We wanted a special and unusual ceremony set-up, and preferred spending more on the actual party afterwards than on the ‘extras’ (fancy cake, welcome packages etc) and they had great suggestions to accommodate for all of this.
At the same time, they also know when to nudge you a bit 😉. As a German, I initially didn’t want any notable make-up at all, but they were both kind and smart in convincing me to put on some extra color so that I’m now super happy with how the pictures turned out.
They have solid experience and one can fully trust their judgement and estimations. We ordered much more alcohol than they suggested and ended up with lots of whiskey and wine left over after the party 🙂. They keep track of your expenses at all times and double check every contract so that you can be sure not to encounter any unpleasant surprises at the end.
And, most importantly, they’re just great people, lots of fun to be with and know how to make your day the most special of all and throw the party of your lives!”



Tati e Ignacio

“Q tal??

Recién mas o menos despertando del sueño 🙂 Muchas gracias por todo! La boda salió perfecta,
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Viviana y Agustin

“Hola chicas!

Cómo están? Nosotros ya de regreso!

De nuevo mil gracias por todo su apoyo, nuestra familia y amigos nos siguen agradeciendo y diciendo que todo salió muy lindo. 
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